Director: Mr. K. C. Joshi

Ind. Estate, Pataldevi, Almora - 263601 (UA)

Phone: (05962) 233028, 233061

 E. Mail:



The Company is located on a lush, green campus just a few minutes drive from Almora town the unit boasts of superb infrastructure. It is ideally located in a picturesque one acre campus in the north of Almora facing Himalaya and covers an area exceeding ten thousand square feet. Close by are the magnificent forests of DRDO and Patal Devi, situated in pollution control measures for the prevention and control of pollution arising from different sources. It is free from risks of contamination from external environment including open Sewage, rainage, fumes, smokes. etc.

A Unit of Parth


Parth Pharmaceutical Ptv. Ltd. is a name to reckon in Indian pharmaceutical Industry. Commenced in late eighties (1987). Parth expended its wings subsequently into various other dosage form sections such as tablet etc. to cater to ever-increasing demand of the pharmaceutical market. this was possible because of advanced manufacturing facility, optimum utilisation of manufacturing facility. optimum utilisation of manufacturing capacity, infrastructure facility and dedicated staff. Many Indian giants such as Cadila and Ranbaxy have entrusted Parth to manufacture their products. This is nothing but simply a testimonial and a recognition with envied track record. Today, the vivid range of Parth products are available in each and every corner of the country and prescribed by many well-known medical practitioners of different medical specialities. The company has also earned reputation in international market with quality products and market-driven policy.





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